Fancomkish as an Iranian technology based company is active in field of providing ICT solutions and products for enterprise customers such as Oil & Gas, Bank, etc. Fancomkish is dealing with several most leading ICT global suppliers.

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  • Rugged Terminal

    Rugged Phone  is a marketing term for hardware that is designed to operate in extremely harsh environments and conditions. There are three generally accepted levels of ruggedization: semi-ruggedfully-rugged and ultra-rugged. The levels describe a product's ability to survive drops, vibration, dust, immersion and extreme temperatures.

The Runbo Q5 is a IP67-certified featurephone. It packs a 4.5-inch 720 × 1280 display, 2 megapixels in front-facing and 13 on the back camera and dual-SIM with 4G LTE support.

It also features a surprisingly loud speaker, 4200mAh battery, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and much more …

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