Fancomkish as an Iranian technology based company is active in field of providing ICT solutions and products for enterprise customers such as Oil & Gas, Bank, etc. Fancomkish is dealing with several most leading ICT global suppliers.

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GSM-R Solution

GSM-R system includes different types of equipment such as core network, base station, intelligent network, dispatcher, cab radio, etc., and usually these elements are from different suppliers. In addition, the train will cross different countries covered by different networks, so the interoperability is vital for GSM-R system. In order to guarantee the interoperability, UIC delegated several groups to create system and interface specifications, and the most important one is EIRENE specification.

Solution overview

GSM-R solution includes 3 parts:

1)   NSS: CS CN, PS CN, SMSC and VMS;

2)   BSS: BSC and BTS;

3)   3rd party: Dispatching system, Cab radio, Handset, VRS and OTA

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[accordion_set] [accordion title=”High Reliability” active=”no”] Huawei is the only vendor who can provide end-to-end GSM-R network redundancy solution: 1) BSS: Double coverage, BSC redundancy and BBU redundancy are available; 2) NSS: CS Dual Homing and HLR 1+1 backup. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Smooth evolution” active=”no”] Huawei GSM-R is based on Huawei SingleRAN wireless solution, and the same hardware platform is used for GSM-R and LTE, which means that Huawei GSM-R solution and be smoothly evolved to LTE for railway. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Full portfolio” active=”no”] Huawei provides the most completed GSM-R product portfolio, including Indoor BST, Outdoor BST and Distributed BTS. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Good compatibility” active=”no”] The openness strategy is adopted for Huawei GSM-R solution, and IOT in network interface of other GSM-R vendor and with 3rd party sub-system and train control system of main stream vendor are done. [/accordion] [/accordion_set]


Transmission Solution

Railway multi-service transmission network is an important infrastructure for railway information system to protect the security, improve the transport capability and management efficiency of railway. The general thought of building Huawei rail service transmission network is shown in figure below:

[accordion_set] [accordion title=”Stations: ” active=”no”] OSN series of optical transmission equipment and various types of routers, switches will deploy to realize direct access for various types of business in the stations. Meanwhile, the convergence and backbone layer transmission equipment will support the interconnection between different stations and OCC in different countries or regions. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Track side: ” active=”no”] The low-end OSN device fulfill the access requirements of the base stations, video surveillance and interval stations along the track. With 1 +1 protection ring network, the disaster recovery capability will be significantly improved; [/accordion] [accordion title=”Remote station: ” active=”no”] 2 to 3 access rings to ensure sufficient capacity to assure the access of business. [/accordion] [/accordion_set]

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Overview of railway multi-service Transmission network


Success Story

18731km—World’s longest rail DWDM network

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TransTeleCom (1997)’s main shareholder is JSC Russian Railways. And provides Russian top optical transmission lines which are built

along Russian rail network.

From 2004, Huawei provided 18713km DWDM network as the only one provider, which used in railway and other communication.

Our solution

Advanced HBA (high-power amplifier) and Raman technology to achieve ultra-long distance transmission capacity


Video Conference & Telepresence

Huawei Telepresence: Ultimate HD Telepresence, Immersive Experience and Easy to Use.

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In today’s fast-paced global economy, business is being made between companies and partners distributed around the world, day and night. It is obvious that he who is acting fast upon the market demand will win the game. Huawei TP is the first 1080P 50/60fps Telepresence worldwide, brings people together in a best ever virtual meeting experience with the European industry design idea, comfortable, immediately and enjoyable. Synergy between people creates value, reduces cost

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and helps you stay ahead of the competition.

UC & C
Huawei focuses on the requirements and challenges of various enterprises and provides a conclusive unified communications and collaboration solution consisting of the IP telephony, multimedia conference, collaboration software, IP call center (IPCC)

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and the Telepresence.

IP Telephony:provides communication servers, gateways, a series of IP phones, mobile clients, PC clients and Web clients which constitutes a whole system, and provides fixed- and mobile-integrated audio and data services.

eConference:provides multiple hardware and software solutions including standard conference rooms and web conference, supports multiple forms of conference access such as audio clients,

PC clients, and mobile clients. The cloud platform supports multiple types of deployments.

IntelligentVideo Surveillance Solution

Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution consists of:

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