Fancomkish as an Iranian technology based company is active in field of providing ICT solutions and products for enterprise customers such as Oil & Gas, Bank, etc. Fancomkish is dealing with several most leading ICT global suppliers.

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  • PTT over Broadband


Push To Talk

  • A form of communications that allows users to engage in immediate communication with one or more users, providing a “walkie-talkie”-like service. However, strong coupling to data capabilities enables key features, such as: Group lists creation & management, Group sessions emulating Conferencing on Demand and, possibly, Presence & Availability.
  • The communication is half-duplex: Only one person can talk at a time and all other participants hear the speech.
  • Other participants can respond to this message once this initial talk-burst is complete.
  • Contention of the Right-to-Speak amongst different participants is managed via Floor Control by the PoC “Service Entity”.
  • The receiving participants hear the sender’s voice either by Auto Answer without any action on their part, or by Manual Answer, e. being prompted/alerted and accepting the call before hearing the sender’s voice.

Use Cases

  1. Group Call (1-to-many) set up by Service Provider, participants added (“Shop like Crazy”)
  2. Basic Call (1-to-1) with Presence Information
  3. Basic Call (1-to-1)
  4. Pre-arranged Group Call (“Where to eat”)
  5. Private Call (1-to-1)
  6. Call Alert (1-to-1)
  7. User Defined Group Call (1-to-many)
  8. Selective Dynamic Group Call (1-to-many)
  9. Private Chat Group Support (1-to-many)
  10. Multiple group sessions simultaneously (1-to-many)
  11. Adding a 1-to-1 session (“Whisper Call”) while on an active group session
  12. Ad-hoc Chat Group (1-to-many)
  13. Fleet Dispatch (“1-to-many” variant)

PoC Requirements: PoC Participation

  • PoC user must first be a Network Subscriber of at least one mobile operator.
  • Network Subscriber can become a PoC Subscriber with additional PoC subscription.
  • A PoC subscriber becomes a PoC Participant who is either “invited to the PoC session and accepts the invitation“ or has “requested to join in the PoC session and is accepted”.

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