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ViewPoint 8600 Series Full HD Videoconferencing Services Platform

ViewPoint 8660 is the first carrier-class full high-definition multipoint control unit in the industry. It supports 1080p HD video, AAC-LD wideband audio, HD content sharing.
• Supports up to 1024 IP ports, support E1, scalable
• Support up to seven-level hot spare, high reliability
• Supports H.320, H.323, SIP, TIP and integrated with multiple UC systems
• Support TV wall output and multi-channel cascading

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Robust Architecture Design

  • ViewPoint 8600 comes with a cutting-edge full-mesh hardware platform, high-speed backplane bus, and a double-layer subboard design. Its built-in real-time operating system effectively protects the videoconferencing system from virus and malicious attacks. The complete hot spare mechanism ensures the round-the-clock (7*24 hours) and stable operation of the videoconferencing service.

Rich and Easy-to-Use Services

  • SiteCall: You can hold multi-point conferences and control a conference through videoconferencing endpoints.
  • Conference control: All the operations can be performed at the endpoint side without involvement of the administrator at the MCU side.
  • Intelligent multicast: You can view live conference through PC software.
  • CP browsing: The auto polling function of site videos enables you to view different sites.
  • Site quality assurance: Administrators can preview sites in real time to monitor the conference quality, alarm history by Huawei Nlog system.

Crystal Clear Videoconferencing Experience

  • By supporting videoconferencing devices of all the mainstream vendors, it protects your previous investment as well as deploys new video endpoints with the latest technologies. It supports video formats including 1080p,1080i, and 720p etc, which brings you a true-to-life vision. The wideband audio (AAC-LD) delivers crystal clear audio and theatre-like experience. In addition, the HD dual-stream data content sharing delivers clear PPT or whatever in your PC or laptop.

Flexible Network Access and Networking Solutions, Customizable HD Video Conferences

  • Line access: Access rate is 64 kbps to 8 Mbps. Support IP, 4E1, E1, PSTN and ISDN(ITUT/ETSI). ISDN/PSTN access is implemented through PRI.
  • Capacity expansion: Through flexible configuration of the boards, the capacity can be expanded smoothly.
  • Network capability: It is compliant with the ITU-T standards and protocols and supports up to 5-level multi channel cascaded networking.
  • Transversal between public and private networks: ViewPoint 8600 series can traverse between the public and the private networks by H.460 or adopting the patented SNP technology.

Extraordinary Network Adaptability and Security Mechanism

  • With super error concealment (SEC) technology, the video is clear and smooth even if the network packet loss is up to 5%.
  • The intelligent rate control (IRC) technology detects network bandwidth in real time, and then auto adjusts the code stream bandwidth dynamically to guarantee the conference effect.
  • The H.235 encryption mechanism fully guarantees the users’ validity and a secure conference.

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