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ViewPoint 8000 Series SD Group Video Endpoint

ViewPoint 8000 series group video endpoint provides users with DVD quality video and CD quality audio.
• H.264, H. 263, 4CIF 50/60fps
• AAC-LD broadband voice
• H.239 (1280 x 1024)
• IP /E1/4E1/ISDN, up to 4 Mbps/s

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DVD Quality Video

ViewPoint 8000 series supports 4CIF and DVD quality video, smooth video display, and H.264 encoding technology, which ensures the high-quality and real-time video transmission.

Crystal Broadband Audio

ViewPoint 8000 series supports broadband audio AAC-LD with CD quality (compliant with G.711/G.722/G.728 series protocols).

HD Content Sharing

ViewPoint 8000 series supports intelligent H.239 dual stream. It can be connected to PC, plug and play. The bandwidth of each stream channel can be adjusted dynamically, thus making full use of network resources.

Superb QoS Tolerance

ViewPoint 8000 series provides proprietary super error concealment (SEC) technology. Even when the packet loss ratio reaches up to 5%, the quality of the video remains good. Through the intelligent rate control (IRC) technology, ViewPoint 8000 series can detect the current network bandwidth and automatically adjust itself to deliver the best conference quality.

Extensive Networking Features

ViewPoint 8000 series provides IP, E1 and ISDN interfaces. It supports DHCP, embedded PPPoE dial-up, static NAT, and proprietary super network passport (SNP) technology. Therefore, it realizes firewall traversal.

Access Line Backup

ViewPoint 8000 series provides the E1 + IP line backup functions. During a conference, when the active line fails, the backup line will be enabled automatically to ensure that the ongoing conference is not interrupted.

Excellent Security Mechanism

ViewPoint 8000 series provides multiple security mechanisms, such as IP address binding, endpoint number and H.323 ID binding, password authentication, and H.235 signaling and media stream encryption to ensure conference security.

Easy Operation

With SiteCall technology, you can initiate a multi-point conference as easy as making a phone call.

You can control the conference as easily as you use the remote control of a TV set, for example, to select and view a site in the same manner as selecting a channel on the TV set.

ViewPoint 8000 series allows you to control the local and remote cameras. You can preset the positions of the multi-point cameras and switch the video as required.

By using the proprietary text input technology through the remote control, you can define the conference as required.