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Tecal E9000 Blade Server Chassis

The E9000 chassis is 12 U high and features an optimized layout structure to maximally use space. It provides 16 slots and redundant power supply modules (PSMs), heat dissipation modules, management modules, and switch modules. The E9000 chassis can be installed in a standard 19-inch rack at a depth of at least 1,000 mm. Two types of E9000 chassis are provided: AC and DC.

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Item E9000 Chassis
Form factor 12 U
Blade 16 half-width slots or 8 full-width slots; supports flexible configurations of single-slot, dual-slot, full-width, and half-width nodes and can accommodate up to 16 Huawei CH series half-width compute nodes
Switch module 4 slots for Huawei CX series switch modules (or eight sub switch modules) provide a midplane switching capability of 5.76 Tbit/s.
CX110 GE switch module: 12 x GE + 4 x 10GE uplink, 32 x GE downlink
CX116 GE pass through module: 32 x GE uplink, 32 x GE downlink CX310 10GE switch module: 16 x 10GE uplink, 32 x 10GE downlink
CX311 10GE/FCoE converged switch module: 16 x 10GE + 8 x 8G FC uplink, 32 x 10GE downlink
CX317 10GE pass through module: 32 x 10GE uplink, 32 x 10GE downlink
CX610 InfiniBand switch module (QDR 40Gbit/s, FDR 56Gbit/s): 18 x QDR/FDR uplink, 16 x QDR/FDR downlink
CX911/CX912 multi-plane switch module; supports FC ports: 16 x 10GE + 8 x 8G FC uplink, 32 x 10GE/16 x 8G FC downlink
PSM AC/DC PSM: Maximum six 3000 W AC or six 2500 W DC hot-swappable PSUs, N+N or N+M redundant
Fan module Provides 14 hot-swappable fan modules in N+1 redundancy mode
Management Complies with IPMI v2.0 and supports management functions such as remote startup, shutdown, reset, logging, hardware monitoring, SOL,KVM over IP, virtual media, fan module monitoring, and PSM monitoring
Supports 1+1 redundancy
Provides a local KVM port for server management
Power supply110 V/220 V AC or –48 V DC
Operating temperature 5℃-40℃
Dimensions Height: 530 mm (20.87 in.)
Width: 442 mm (17.40 in.)
Depth: 840 mm (33.07 in.)

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