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OptiX OSN 8800 Intelligent Optical Transport Platform

The OptiX OSN 8800 is mainly deployed on national backbones, regional/provincial backbones, and metropolitan core sites. It is an intelligent OTN product that integrates technologies such as WDM/OTN, ROADM, T-bit switch, ASON/GMPLS, 40G/100G, and powerful OAM.

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T-bit Large Grooming Capacity, Unified Optical and Electrical Cross-Connections

A total of 32 slots are provided for each subrack to support access, grooming, and management of services. The installation footprint is reduced by 80%, power consumption is reduced by 55%, and high reliability is achieved by using fewer ODFs for fiber connections.

1.28T/3.2T-bit blocking-free electrical cross-connection capacity supports complex networking and centralized grooming of massive services.

2/4/9-degree ROADM optical cross-connections with each degree supporting 8T (80 x 100G) bandwidth transmission are supported. In this manner, a maximum of 72T-bit (9 x 8T) cross-connection capacity is supported.

Hybrid application of optical and electrical cross-connections helps implement wavelength/subwavelength-level service grooming, facilitating quick service deployment and reducing service deployment costs.

Flattened network facilitates service planning, deployment, and expansion.

Ultra-Large Broadband Transport, Unified 10G/40G/100G Channels (80 Wavelengths)

Services at rates within the range of 100M to 100G are encapsulated into ODUk (k = 0, 1, 2, 2e, 3, 4)/ODUflex channels in unified mode, achieving flexible service grooming.

10G, 40G, and 100G line bandwidths are shared ODUk (k = 0, 1, 2, 3) services with different granularities, achieving unified transmission of all services over a single wavelength.

40G networks have been commercially applied for China top operators such as China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Union and for top 50 global operators in North America, Europe, and Asian areas.

10G networks can be smoothly upgraded to 10G&40G hybrid networks, and the latter can be further smoothly upgraded to 100G networks.

Application of third-generation 40G/100G coherent technologies in ultra long-haul transmission. For 40G coherent technologies, the transmission distance is close to 6500 km. For 100G coherent technologies, the transmission distance reaches 2110 km in live network tests and 3000 km in lab tests.

Highly Reliable Network, Unified Optical- and Electrical-Layer ASON

The optical-layer ASON and electrical-layer ASON provided are developed based on the mature ASON technology and industry-standard GMPLS ASON control plane.

The electrical-layer ASON supports automatic configuration of end-to-end wavelengths and subwavelengths (ODUk/ODUflex, k = 0, 1, 2, 2e, 3)/ODUflex so that service configuration is not limited by wavelength channels. The optical-layer ASON supports automatic configuration of end-to-end wavelengths and wavelength-level service switching.

For unified optical- and electrical-layer ASON, flexible direction selection of the optical layer and resource consolidation and regeneration of the electrical layer are fully used, providing networks with reliability up to 99.9999%.

With the mature ASON technology, over 70 WDM ASON networks have been commercially deployed worldwide by the end of the first half of 2011, accounting for more than 90% of the global market share.

Abundant OAM Methods, Simplifying Maintenance and Reducing OPEX

Pluggable SFP/XFP modules simplify maintenance.

Abundant OTN overheads provide fast and effective fault location.

Unified OTN and SDH management system.

Green Network, Energy Conservation

High integration reduces energy consumption to 2 w/Gbit, which is 40% less than the industry average energy consumption.

Massive cross-connections help reduce the number ODFs for fiber bridging, saving space in customer equipment rooms.