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OptiX OSN 7500 II

To meet the growing demands of Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs), Huawei has developed the OptiX OSN 7500 II — next-generation Optical Core Switches (OCS). Primarily used as service scheduling nodes at the metropolitan backbone layer, the OptiX OSN 7500 II incorporates an intelligent optical transmission platform and core optical transmission system to schedule and transmit services of different types and granularities. Leveraging “universal switching” architecture, the OptiX OSN 7500 II can be used in packet or Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) mode. Combined with other Huawei equipment, the OptiX OSN 7500 II supports various networking applications, such as pure packet domain, hybrid networking (packet and TDM domain overlay networking), and pure TDM domain. An effective networking solution can optimize both data and conventional Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) service processing.

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Multiservice Universal Switch and Smart Transport

  • Smart transport based on universal switch and smart line card for all types of services in any possible mix, including Ethernet, ATM, TDM, and future services.
  • Universal switch at any level of packet and TDM in their original format, high efficiency and best performance, ‘0’ waste of bandwidth.
  • Smart line card for packet and TDM multiservice universal transport in one port, carefree evolution among different types of services, ‘0’ waste of investment.

 PID inside for Tailored Metro Ultra Broadband Transport

  • Integrating OTU, MUX and DEMUX boards by a PID chip, providing 40G/100G capacity per port and larger in future.
  • SDH-like OAM without complicated photonic layer design such as wavelength planning and OSNR calculating, with fewer patch cords and fiber operations, greatly reducing time to market.
  • 50% footprint saving and 40% power consumption reduction.

 Soft Pipe & Hard Pipe for Highly Reliable and Efficient Transport

  • SDH hard pipe for TDM services with high quality and low delay to ensure reliable transmission for production and dispatching services and private services
  • MPLS-TP based soft pipe supports packet statistical multiplexing to provide highly efficient transmission for large bandwidth packet services
  • Universal switch based soft and hard pipes consider both legacy TDM service and future-oriented IP service to achieve smooth evolution for transmission network

 TP-Assist for Easy OAM

  • MPLS-TP based OAM solution “TP-Assist” provides efficient planning, fast deployment and easy maintenance, making the large-scale packet network easily manageable
  • Traffic based crystal clear OAM is supported with visual network-level view, graphical format to display end-to-end service configuration, performance and status.
  • Better maintenance experience even than SDH: visualized end-to-end bandwidth management, intelligent location of 92% failures, analyzable and predicable network management.

 Industry Certification

  • Pass EN 50121-4 Railway EMC certification.