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    Fancomkish as an Iranian technology based company is active in field of providing ICT solutions and products for enterprise customers such as Oil & Gas, Bank, etc. Fancomkish is dealing with several most leading ICT global suppliers.

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    OptiX OSN 500

    Supporting a variety of service access modes, the OptiX OSN 500 is a new-generation optical transmission product with pure SDH or packet architecture, completing Huawei's optical transmission system and honing the optical transmission product line’s competitive edge.

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    • توضیحات

    Small Box with Powerful Function

    • Smart transport based on universal switch for all types of services, including Ethernet, ATM, TDM, and future services.
    • Single-fiber bidirectional function to resolve fiber resource restrictions.
    • Same platform with the OSN 550 and board compatible, conserving spare parts

    Easy Maintenance, Excellent Environmental Adaptability

    • SCC unit, cross-connect unit, clock unit, tributary unit, line unit, and data transparent transmission unit integrated in one board, and different device types adapt to different scenarios.
    • Flexible power supply, DC (-48V/-60V)/AC (110V/220V) solution, 10 hours power supply with UPM when the mains supply is interrupted.
    • Work temperature up to 65℃, can be deployed outdoors, in the desert, and in other harsh environments.

     Energy Saving, Environmental Protection

    • Intelligent power consumption control, idle path power down, intelligent fan speed adjustment.
    • Lowest power consumption in the industry, 30% below average.
    • Comply with RoHS/WEEE directive, adopting a variety of technologies to reduce equipment energy, designed according to the environmental protection requirements.

    TP-Assist for Easy OAM

    • MPLS-TP based OAM solution “TP-Assist” provides efficient planning, fast deployment and easy maintenance, making the large-scale packet network easily manageable
    • Traffic based crystal clear OAM is supported with visual network-level view, graphical format to display end-to-end service configuration, performance and status.
    • Better maintenance experience even than SDH: visualized end-to-end bandwidth management, intelligent location of 92% failures, analyzable and predicable network management.

    Industry Certification

    • Pass EN 50121-4 Railway EMC certification.