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OptiX OSN 1800 Compact Multi-Service Edge Optical Transport Platform

The OptiX OSN 1800 Multi-Service Mini-WDM/OTN System (OptiX OSN 1800 for short) combines the OTN and WDM features, which enables customers to integrate multiple access transport networks into a single network. This helps solve the following problems that are faced by access transport networks:

How to realize unified transmission of the 100M-10G services by using the equipment with high integration?
How can the network realize long distance transmission with fewer nodes?
How to reduce maintenance and network operation costs?
How to effectively lower the ever-increasing energy consumption of equipment, cut down electricity costs, and promote the image of the enterprise?
How to realize the smooth upgrade of a network and safeguard the investments?

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Full service access.

All types of service access from 2M to 10G.

Easy installation.

1/2 U high. Installed in a rack, outdoor cabinet, or wall- or pole-mount.

Power supply with protection.

220V AC/-48V DC power supply with 1+1 protection.

Large capacity.

System capacity expansion from 8*wave CWDM to 40*wave DWDM. 48*GE or 8*10G per dual fiber per 2U chassis. 32*GE or 4*10G per single fiber.

Ultra-long transmission distance.

Maximum transmission distance of over 140 km.

Powerful protection capability.

All boards operating at a rate of 10G or lower benefit from embedded 1+1 optical line protection.

Convenient maintenance.

No onsite management is required after installation, remote in-band management by G.709 is supported.

Reliable, Simplified, Timely Redundancy Solution for Data Centers

When banks or enterprises build their own storage networks, the demand for data redundancy increases. Data backup at different sites can improve data security and efficiency. Customers build their own WDM transport networks to meet the requirement of huge bandwidth and few fibers. Three key customer values are addressed. First, private networks improve the reliability of a network. Second, SAN FC service with high rate is transmitted effectively over a WDM pipe. Third, private networks provide flexible system architecture for ever-increasing bandwidth.

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All services access types: Interfaces for almost all IP/SAN services are supported.

Large-scale Redundancy: Requirements for large capacity at physical redundancy sites are satisfied with transport distances of over 140 km.

Professional Certification: Fully Certified by top authorities, including EMC, HP, IBM, SUN, McDATA, and Brocade. All SAN application scenarios are achieved by cooperation with IBM.

Success Story: Redundancy Solution for ShengJing Bank

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Restful City:Efficient Video Transmission


Large amount of monitoring video information needs to be transmitted and there are increasing requirements of video sharing between government offices. The OptiX OSN1800 as a WDM system applied at the access layer is a cost-effective and high-speed broadband solution that resolves the fiber resource issues.

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1. 8 GE DWDM (ELOM board)

Service at each access site > 4 GE

2. 4 GE CWDM (LQG board, 70 km line SFP)

Service at each access site is 3 – 4 GE, and the total distance is < 70 km

3. 2 GE CWDM (LDGF board)

Service at each access site ≤ 2 GE

Success Story : (Police/Transportation) Video Transmission Solution for Yinchuan City

1. Sufficient bandwidth. 4GE can be provided from a sub-bureau to each police station, satisfying the requirements of high-quality monitoring video transmission.

2. Requiring a small space. Only 1 U space is required for each police station, minimizing the requirements on the equipment room and environments.

3. Reliable service transmission. The switching time for 1+1 protection embedded in boards is less than 50 ms, achieving high reliability service transmission.

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Single-Fiber Bidirectional Leased Lines


At present, enterprise IT parks or branch campuses of a university are connected using leased lines because they do not have their own fibers. With the increasing demand on larger bandwidth, the demand for building private WDM networks using leased fibers also increases. Huawei proposes the single-fiber bidirectional WDM solution that has a large capacity. This solution significantly reduces construction costs.

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Success Story: GE and 10GE Services over Single-Fiber Bidirectional Leased Lines in KDDI


1. Transmission of 10GE services over a single-fiber system.

2. Smooth network expansion to support leased line services such as FE, GE, 155M, and 10GE.

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