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OceanStor HDP3500E

OceanStor HDP3500E is a backup product consisting of a backup server, backup media, and backup software. It integrates NetBackup, the Symantec enterprise backup software to deliver safe and reliable data protection for important enterprise appliacations.

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Huawei OceanStor HDP3500E is a backup product consisting of a backup server, backup media, and backup software. HDP3500E greatly simplifies the backup solution architecture, reduces the deployment time, and decrease the hardware and software procurement costs and the procurement period.

Comprehensive Data Protection

  • Provides comprehensive data protection for Windows, Linux, UNIX platforms, and VMware and Hyper-V virtual platforms.
  • Supports the protection of Oracle and SQL Server and other mainstream applications.
  • Supports the quick recovery of Windows and Linux and other mainstream operation systems.

Ease of Use

  • Simplifies the traditionally complex integrated backup solution to a backup appliance.
  • Provides a single console to manage all backup and recovery operations.
  • Pre-installs the operating system and backup software before delivery, and provides the quick deployment tool to complete the initial configuration of the backup system.

Excellent Performance

  • Excellent backup and recovery performance in the disk-based backup appliance.
  • Aggregation of four Gigabit ports to improve the backup performance and shorten backup window.
  • I/O AT acceleration technology to effectively reduce the CPU load, shortens the communication delay, and improves network performance.

High Reliability

  • Uses RAID 1 for system disks and RAID 6 for data disks to obtain the maximum disk utilization ratio, while ensuring high data reliability.
  • Provides data encryption to prevent unauthorized access and to secure data.
  • Automatically runs the self-protection policy to ensure that backup data can be restored after a system fault.

Energy Saving

  • Provides intelligent heat dissipation technology to ensure low power consumption during proper system operation.
  • Optimizes the fan aisle design to reduce system power consumption and noise.

Convenient Maintenance and Management

  • Offers a graphical management interface for easy operation.
  • Automatically reports device fault alarms and monitors device operating status in real time.
  • Provides the log collection tool, inspection tool, and unified upgrade tool to simplify maintenance and management.