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OceanStor 18000 Series Enterprise Storage System

HUAWEI OceanStor 18000 series Enterprise Storage System (the OceanStor 18000 series for short) is an optimum storage platform for next-generation data centers that feature virtualization, hybrid cloud, simplified IT, and low carbon footprints. Flexible and efficient, the OceanStor 18000 series meets the demanding core business requirements of industries including finance, government sector, energy, manufacturing, transportation, education, and telecommunications.

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The OceanStor 18500/18800 is Huawei’s high-end flagship product. The product consists of two models, OceanStor 18500 and OceanStor 18800, which provide TRUSTED and FLEXIBLE storage solution for critical appliances of enterprise data centers.

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The OceanStor 18500/18800 is developed on the Smart Matrix architecture and runs the fully virtualized XVE operating system. With such a competent design, the OceanStor 18000 series can scale out to 16 controllers, 3216 disks (SSD/SAS/NL-SAS), 7680 TB capacity, 192 GB bandwidth, 3 TB cache, and 256 host ports (Fibre Channel/FCoE/iSCSI). It allows the concurrent access from a maximum of 65,536 servers.

Besides the powerful hardware configurations, the OceanStor 18000 series further strengthens its competitiveness by employing the Smart series resource management software and the Hyper series data protection software. These software suites boost system resource utilization, intelligently prioritize mission-critical application, and ensure a 24/7 application availability.

The OceanStor 18500/18800 is delivered as a turnkey solution, and its cabinets can be separately deployed based on customers’ requirements.

ModelOceanStor 18500 OceanStor 18800
Hardware Specifications
System architecture Smart matrix architecture
Max. number of controllers 8 16
Max. number of processors 8 x 1 x 6-core Intel Xeon 16 x 2 x 6-core Intel Xeon
Max. cache 768 GB 3,072 GB
Max. number of host ports 96 (Fibre Channel, iSCSI, FCoE) 192 (Fibre Channel, iSCSI, FCoE)
Max. number of disks 1,584 3,216
Software Specifications
Max. number of hosts 65,536
Max. number of LUNs 65,536
Data protection software HyperSnap
Data efficiency software SmartThin
Smart Tier
Smart QoS
Smart Virtualization
Application software UltraAPM, UltraVR, UltraPath, DiskGuard, SmartX Insight
Operating system compatibility AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux, Windows
Virtual environment Virtual platforms such as VMware, XenServer, and Hyper-V
Value-added features such as VMware VAAI/VASA and Hyper-V ODX/TP
Integration of VMware vSphere and vCenter
Physical Specifications
Power supply System cabinet
Disk cabinet
200 V to 240 V, 5100 W, 30 A
200 V to 240 V, 3800 W, 30 A
Dimensions and weight Dimensions (H x W x D) Cabinet frame dimensions (dimensions of the cabinet itself): 1,995 mm x 600 mm x 1,135 mm
Maximum cabinet dimensions (including the dimensions of wheels and base anchors):
2,300 mm x 1,100 mm x 1,500 mm
WeightDisk cabinet in full configuration: 717 kg
System cabinet in full configuration: 796 kg (with 2.5-inch disks) or 812 kg (with 3.5-inch disks)
Operating ambient temperature 5° C to 40° C (altitude: < 1,800 m), 5° C to 30° C (altitude: 1,800 m to 3,000 m)
Operating ambient humidity 5% RH to 90% RH