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NE20E-S Series Unified Service Router

NetEngine20E-S series unified service router (NE20E-S) is a high-end network product provided by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. NE20E-S is usually deployed at aggregation layers of Internet Protocol (IP) backbone networks, core networks of small-and-medium enterprises, edges of industrial park networks, and access layers of small-and-medium education networks, etc. Based on NP hardware forwarding and non-blocking switching technologies, adopting Huawei’s self-developed VRP (Versatile Routing Platform), NE20E-S features carrier-level reliability, line-rate forwarding capability, well-designed Quality of Service (QoS) mechanism, strong service-processing capability, and excellent expansibility. Based on the latest VRP platform, NE20E-S supports greatest access capability for aggregation layer with abundant features, such as L2VPN, L3VPN, multicast, multicast-VPN, MPLS-TE, QoS. These features bring services of bearer networks with carrier-level reliability. In addition, with full support of IPv6, NE20E-S provides smooth transition from IPv4 to IPv6. NE20E-S can be flexibly deployed at the access and aggregation layer of IP/MPLS networks, in order to simplify network infrastructure, and also provide reach service types and reliable service quality. It is the important force to drive IP/MPLS network to broadband, security, business-oriented and intelligence. NE20E-S series routers includes NE20E-S4, NE20E-S8, and NE20E-S16, which can be used in various scale of networks.

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Leading VRP platfrom

NE20E-S series router adopts latest VRP8.0 platform, which is also used in Huawei NE5000E cluster router. VRP operating system adopts Resilient Distributed Framework (RDF), which relatively separates management plane, service plane, data plane and control plane, to highly increase the flexibility, reliability, manageability and expansibility of the whole system.

Huawei VRP platform is mature and stable, there is more than 4 million copies running in industry. The massive practical application proves the richness of feature and stability.
Leading industrial design

NE20E-S series router is designed in industrial level. On the basis of large capacity, NE20E-S satisfies any space requirements with 220 mm depth. The temperature range of NE20E-S is -40~65℃, very good capability of deployment in extreme environment. On the other hand, the power consumption of NE20E-S is below industrial level.

Enhanced features and services

Powerful routing capacity: NE20E-S supports super large routing information base, supports RIP, OSPF, IS-IS, BGP4, multicast routing protocols and other various routing protocols. NE20E-S provides plain and encrypted protocol authentication, fast convergence capability, protects the networks in secure and stable states in complex routing environments.

Abundant services: NE20E-S can be used to deploy L2VPN, L3VPN, MVPN and Traffic Engineering (TE) simultaneously on the requirements of networking. NE20E-S provides various access interface (E1, POS, cPOS, GE, 10GE), and flexible QinQ, also supports DHCP, Netstream and other features. NE20E-S adapts to needs of both traditional access and newly arrised services, satisfies convergence requirements of multi-services.

Strong expansibility: NE20E-S supports a full range of IPv4/IPv6 multicast protocols, including PIM-SM/SSM, MLDv1/v2, IGMPv3, IGMP Snooping, etc. NE20E-S can carry video services flexibly, satisfies various scale of networks with multicast services.

Flexible VS technology

The NE20E-S supports flexible VS (Virtual System) technology. By using VS technology, one router can be divided into multiple logic routers which are separated from eath other. The different services in the network can be deployed in the different VS to enhance the security and reliability.

Multi-level Reliability

The data plane and the control plane of the NE20E-S are seperated from each other. It guarantees zero interference between service and control. The NE20E-S provides reliability features at the equipment network, and service levels. The NE20E-S can cope with various kinds of network failures to ensure service recovery and provides carrier-class system availability of 99.999%.

Equipment-level reliability: The NE20E-S provides redundancy for key components. These components support hot swapping and hot backup. The NE20E-S also makes use of Non-Stop Routing (NSR), Non-Stop Forwarding (NSF) and other technologies to improve services recovery and ensure uninterrupted service forwarding.

Network-level reliability: The NE20E-S supports IP/Label Distribution Protocol (LDP)/ VPN/ TE Fast Reroute (FRR), hot-standby, fast convergence of Interior Gateway Protocols (IGPs), BGP and multicast routing, Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), trunk link backup, Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD), Ethernet Operation Administration, and Maintenance (OAM), and routing protocol/port/VLAN damping technologies to ensure the stability of the whole network. The NE20E-S provides an end-to-end network protection solution that can guarantee service recovery within 200ms in the event of a failure.

Service-level reliability: The VPN FRR, VLL FRR, Ethernet OAM, Y.1731, PW redundancy technologies provided by the NE20E-S can be applied to L3VPN and L2VPN networking solutions. These provide service-level redundancies to ensure the stable and reliable delivery of services and to ensure continuous service forwarding.