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The IA5000 is an integrated access multiplexer of Huawei. Traditional pulse code modulation (PCM) devices need to work with optical transmission devices. Based on the MSTP architecture, the IA5000 integrates SDH transmission and PCM services. The IA5000, which is deployed between the backbone network and access network, provides various service ports and large-capacity transmission capabilities. The IA5000 is widely used in power, oil, and transportation industries, and for municipal NM and water resources monitoring. It supports transmission of monitoring, remote control, and alarm data signals, and provides dispatching phone and administrative phone services on the transport network.

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IA5000 can be deployed in access, aggregation, or control center position.

IA5000 can network in star, ring, chain, or mesh topology.

IA5000 can offer inter-board uplink protection to two different SDH equipment units.

IA5000 can offer different types of uplink interfaces, such as N*E1, and STM-1/4/16.

Compact Design: 3U in height
High Integration: MSTP and PCM Integration
High Capacity: 4*STM-16 Interfaces, 14336*14336 64 Kbps, 128*128 VC-4, and 2016*2016 VC-12 Cross-connect
Rich Interface types: E1, E3, DS3, V.35, FXS/FXO, RS232, RS422, RS485, 64kb/s co-directional, 2/4w E&M, etc.
Flexible Networking Ability: star, ring, chain, mesh networks, and other complex topologies.
High Security and reliability: Intra-board protection, inter-board protection, hot plug, and online upgrade.