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HUAWEI VP9000 Series HD Detached Video Conferencing Endpoint

HUAWEI VP9000 series video conferencing endpoint brings you HD video communication and content sharing experience in the best quality of its class.
• Up to 1080p 60fps
• Up to dual 1080p 30fps
• Up to 6V+3A 720p 30fps embedded MCU
• IP/E1/4E1/PSTN/ wireless network access

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With a re-designed and trendy remote control GUI(Graphical User Interface), HUAWEI VP9000 series enables users to operate easily and efficiently, which helps Huawei stay ahead of competition. You will love it.
HD video is nice, but sound effect is more essential during a conference call. By employing AAC-LD, HWA-LD and other standard-based wide band audio technology, HUAWEI VP9000 series can deliver best of the breed sound experience to make people feel being there.
IP technology is evolving, but there are always times that the live video quality is undermined due to QoS issues. With Huawei SEC (super error concealment ) and IRC (intelligent rate control ) technology, HUAWEI VP9000 series is able to keep producing good video quality even if there are significant packet loss, latency and jitter over the network.
Worrying about security of your videoconference call? HUAWEI VP9000 series adopts standard-based H.235 and AES encryption techniques to ensure that your videoconference call is well protected from malicious hacking and sniffing. The device configuration and setup is locked by admin password to avoid any misplay.
To facilitate system integration, HUAWEI VP9000 series is rack-mountable and equipped with multiple video and audio connections, making it an ideal choice for system integrators.