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Huawei SMC2.0 controls the whole videoconferencing system and manages all resources, including conference scheduling, reservation and initiation, which perfectly accommodates customers’ conference requirement.
• Centralized management of all video communication resources like MCUs and endpoints
• Efficient conference initiation, powerful conference control and monitoring functions
• Embedded gatekeeper or separated GK can serve as H.460 firewall transversal server
• Third-party API integration, UC interoperability


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Centralized Management of Video Communication Resources

Administrators can manage a complete portfolio of videoconferencing resources such as MCUs, gatekeepers, firewall traversal servers, recording devices and video endpoints in a centralized and unified manner.

Flexible and easy-to-create statistic reports update you with video resources usage in real time, which enables better deployment and faster decision-making.

The SMC2.0 solution also allows administrators to flexibly manage larger corporate videoconferencing and Telepresence networks, by deploying MCUs and gatekeepers and other infrastructure in geographically dispersed corporate branches in a distributed manner.

Hierarchical and Role-based Authentication of Multiple Users Meets Management Requirements of Large-sized Enterprises

SMC2.0 solution users can be categorized according to corporate organizational structures. User roles can be defined and the appropriate access rights assigned depending on organizational architecture.

The tree architecture viewing feature can be utilized to view usage by individual corporate video users.

Operators can establish large-scale video operating networks, providing hierarchical and role-based virtual operation services for multiple corporations.

Efficient Conference Initiation and Exceptional Conference Experience, Allowing Users Communicate and Collaborate Anytime and Anywhere

The SMC2.0 provides an easy-to-use user interface (UI) that allows users to conveniently schedule conferences, view the availability and status of conference rooms, choose appropriate conference time and sites, and inform conferencing information to participants via emails.

Conference templates and conference history functions allow users to define and schedule large cascaded conferences. The SMC2.0 system can automatically cascade MCUs as required and manage the multisite calls seamlessly.

The SMC2.0 can be effectively integrated with Office Automation (OA) systems. Users can schedule conferences, cancel conferences, and view the availability of participants or conference rooms via Microsoft Outlook. Conference notification will be automatically added to the users outlook calendar.

“One-Click-to-Join” functionality allows a user to join a conference with a single press of a button on the touch panel.

A unified access number is provided which and when dialed allows users to join a conference or create an ad hoc conference.

Powerful Conference Control and Management Functions to Guarantee Easy Operations

SMC2.0 provides powerful and easy-to-use conference control functions, allowing users to enjoy an efficient video meeting with the minimum amount of upheaval.

The Nlog, integrated in the SMC2.0, provides end-to-end management functions, displaying conference quality and tracing conference history.

Embedded Gatekeeper and Can Be Flexibly Applied to Large-Scale Video Networks

The Embedded Gatekeeper meets the requirements when deploying small networks.

Separated Gatekeepers can be easily added when deploying large-scale video networks.

Separated Gatekeeper can function as a firewall traversal server which complies with H.460.

Flexible Integration with Third-Party Systems Based on Open and Standard Interfaces

SMC2.0 complies with international standards such as HTTP, HTTPS, XML, and LDAP, and provides third-party APIs to meet with integrators’ various integration demands. The SMC2.0 system can be perfectly integrated with Microsoft Active Directory and Office Automation systems.