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Huawei NetEngine5000E Cluster Router

Huawei NetEngine5000E cluster router (NE5000E) delivers industry-leading huge capacity, carrier-level availability and green design,which fully guarantees the network robustness, service flexibility and TCO saving for service providers. Powered advanced backplane connection design, distributed and highly scalable Versatile Routing Platform (VRP) operating system, NE5000E, a super-core routing platform, service steadily and high-efficiency at internet backbone, metro core, internet data center and Internet bearer network.
Offering the innovative and advanced solutions such as the industry-largest capacity board, back-to-back cluster system and hybrid-chassis cluster system, the NE5000E makes network configured on demand and helps customer improve earnings, as well as save TCO.
The NE5000E has two parts in hardware: Cluster Central Chassis (CCC) and Cluster Line Chassis (CLC). CLC is used to forward service flow and CCC is used to connect CLC’s control plane and data plane in cluster system.

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Huge capacity, Sustainable evolution

Huawei was the first to launch NE5000E 2+8 cluster with 40G Line Process Unit (LPU) in April 2008, leading the Internet to 10T era. The capacity can be up to 25T with 100G LPUs and 102.4T with 400G LPUs.

NE5000E cluster system supports single chassis mode and multi chassis cluster modes, such as back-to-back, 2+4, 2+8. The future-oriented design ensures the cluster system to be expanded to 16+64 multi-chassis with 819Tbps system capacity. The large capacity of cluster can meet the requirement of extra-large bandwidth service deployment.

Huawei continuously devotes high-end router R&D, and helps customers build more efficient network. Huawei firstly launched NE5000E 2+8 cluster with 40G LPUs in 2008 and led the 10T era of Internet. The end-to-end 100G solution combining 100GE+100G WDM was released by Huawei next year. Huawei released the 200G LPU in 2011, and won the InfoVision award. The high density 480G fixed LPU and 400G flexible LPU both were released in 2012. The LPUF-400 supports flexible sub-card deployed on demand. The latest release is the 100T 2+8 cluster based on 400G LPUs and new 1Tbps LPU in 2013.

High availability, Enhanced network robustness

NE5000E provides all-round protections for reliability guarantee. For device-level protection, NE5000E has a passive backplane, with all the key parts of the device hot-swappable, hot-pluggable and hot-backup. NE5000E supports non-stop routing (NSR) for control and data plane. NE5000E provides hot-patching and comprehensive In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) technology for smooth upgrade of the software. For network-level protection, NE5000E supports comprehensive high-availability mechanisms, such as IGP fast convergence, IP/LDP/TE FRR, BGP/ISIS Auto FRR, BGP/ISIS/OSPF/LDP/PIM GR, VRRP, BFD and Trunk, which will effectively ensure the network operation with high reliability. As a result, NE5000E system exceeds 99.999% carrier-class reliability.

Adopting innovative In-service Hardware Expansion (ISHE) technology, NE5000E can be expanded smoothly. It is the most flexible core router in industry and meets the requirement of continuous expansion. High-speed Optical Flexible Card (OFC) of cluster can be configured on demand and the switch mode of fabric chipset can be configured flexibly. All these innovative core features are integral part of In-service Hardware Expansion (ISHE) technology, which not only improves the availability of network, but also protects investment of the customers for decades to come.

Green philosophy, TCO saving greatly

NE5000E is designed with green concepts from the beginning. NE5000E core chipset, with 32nm technology, reduces power consumption of 30%. The adoption of the cycling air heat dissipation system in CCC greatly improves the dissipation efficiency, reduces dissipation power consumption of 50%. It adopts linked OFC, which can be configured flexibly as required. The compact design of the chassis reduces the size and weight of the device and needs no modification to the equipment room. NE5000E cluster system is truly “All-Green” in design, deployment and operation.

Huawei released industry 1st NE5000E back-to-back cluster in 2006, and less site room space and power consumption, reducing 45% TCO for customers. The back-to-back cluster with 400G LPUs supports 25.6Gbps of system capacity, and meets the requirement of business development in 3-5 years. NE5000E back-to-back cluster smoothly upgrades to multi chassis system, and is the most cost-effective cluster solution.