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AP6310SN-GN Access Point

The AP6310SN-GN is an enhanced series indoor single-band Access Point (AP), which supports indoor distributed coverage. The AP6310SN-GN can be used together with the 2G/3G/CATV Signal System, and they share the 2G/3G/CATV indoor distributed system. The AP6310SN-GN is applicable to the indoor wide coverage scenario with signal attenuation and low user density.

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1.Console interface.


2.ETH/PoE interface: a 10/100/1000M interface, which connects to the wired Ethernet and supports the PoE power supply.


3.Default button: restores factory settings if you hold down the button more than 3s.


4.Power input interface: 12 V DC.


5.Ground point: connects to a ground cable.


6.N-type radio connector interface.