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AC6605 Access Controller

Huawei AC6605 is a box wireless access controller that provides wired and wireless access services. It delivers flexible campus and office networking solutions for medium-to large-sized enterprises and branches.

  • 10 Gbit/s forwarding capability
  • 1024 access points
  • 10K users
  • 1+1 hot backup
  • 10GE uplink ports
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1. MODE button, switches working mode of indicators.

2. 20 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet electrical ports

Support 10M/100M/1000M auto-sensing.

Support PoE power supply on 20 ports.

3. Four combo ports

Support 10M/100M/1000M auto-sensing.

Support PoE power supply on four ports.

4. One ETH management port

5. One Mini USB port

6. One Console port

7. Two 10GE SFP+ uplink optical ports
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Abundant Port Types

  • Uplink port :Two 10GE optical ports.
  • Service port: 24 GE ports, the last four are used with four optical ports as combo interfaces.
  • Maintenance port:One RJ45 maintenance serial port; One RJ45 maintenance Ethernet port ; One mini USB maintenance serial port.

 Large Capacity, High Performance, Integrated Design

  • Integrated design: An AC can function as an access or aggregation device to provide wired access services and function as a management device to control STA access.
  • Large switching capacity: An AC device has twenty-four GE interfaces and two 10GE interfaces. It provides 128 Gbit/s switching capacity and 10 Gbit/s forwarding capacity.
  • PoE: The AC supports the PoE function and can provide the maximum power on 24 ports. This PoE capability can provide power to APs and other powered devices (PDs) connected to the AC unit.

 Carrier-Class Reliability

  • The AC supports port backup based on the Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) or Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP).
  • The AC supports redundant AC/DC power supplies.
  • The AC supports hot swappable power supplies.
  • The AC supports 1+1 hot backup.

 Easy-to-Install and Easy-to-Maintain

  • The AC6605 dimensions (width x depth x height) are 442 mm × 420 mm × 44.4 mm and the AC6605 can be installed in a standard IEC cabinet (19 inch).
  • Power supplies of AC are hot swappable, facilitating maintenance.
  • The built-in web system of AC allows local GUI-based management.
  • The AC can be managed by the eSight that provides various northbound interfaces.
  • The AC support the intra-board temperature probe, which monitors the operating environment of the AC in real time.

 Energy Conservation

  • Low noise fans that can adjust the speed automatically are used, thus reducing noises in the system and power consumption of fans.
  • The chip switches to the power saving mode when no connected device is detected on a service interface, that is, the interface is idle.
  • It uses highly-integrated and energy-saving chips produced through advanced processing techniques. With the help of the intelligent device management system, the chips not only improve system performance but also greatly reduce power consumption of the entire system.