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VP9600 Series Universal Transcoding Videoconferencing Services Platform

HUAWEI VP9600 series is a cutting-edge MCU with high-capacity, High cost-effectiveness, flexible ports utilization and high scalability. It is the first MCU in the industry to support up to1080p60 universal transcoding.
• Symmetric 1080p60 universal transcoding and personal continuous presence, delivering an ultimate experience
• Support up to six-level hot spare, high stability and reliability
• Support multichannel and multilevel cascading and IMS ready, particularly for large networks
• Standard open, supports H.320, H.323, SIP, TIP, ISDN and integrated with multiple UC systems

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High Performance and Universal Transcoding Bring an Ultimate Experience

  • The first MCU in the industry supporting 1080p60 universal transcoding provides an ultimate videoconferencing experience for participants.
  • H.264 High Profile saves bandwidth by 50%.
  • AAC-LD realizes CD-quality audio effect and three-channel brings sound localization.
  • Intelligent transcoding for content sharing across different types of devices.

High Capacity, Standard-Based, Scalable

  • Smooth scalable, high capacity.
  • Support multilevel cascading, multichannel cascading and conference recording.
  • Standard-based and open: Supports H.323, H.320, SIP, TIP and convergence conference of Telepresence, HD/SD endpoints, mobile devices and audio endpoints.
  • Integrated with Huawei eSpace Microsoft Lync2010™/OCS2007R2, IBM Sametime UC and Skype.
  • SOAP-based API for integration with third-party systems.
  • Maximize resource utilization and improves ROI by dynamic resource allocation.

Easy to Deploy and Use

  • Embedded GK, web and role-based management.
  • Multiple modes for firewall traversal, such as H.460, static NAT, video firewall option and SNP™.
  • Multiple methods for conference initiation, such as HUAWEI SiteCall™, Ad hoc, and web-based scheduling.
  • Plenty of conference control functions, including automatic continuous presence, voice activation, chair control, DTMF control, audio/video IVR, H.239 content sharing token, and FECC.

Secure, Reliable and Powerful QoS

H.264 SVC and SEC 3.0 ensure smooth videoconferences even if the packet loss is up to 20%.
Dynamic jitter buffer up to 1000 ms ensures conference quality.
IRC™ provides the best conference experience with low network bandwidth.
Ensure conference data security via H.235 (AES256), SRTP/TLS(AES256), HTTPS and SSH.
Multi-level hot spare.

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