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Electric Power Solution
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Based on its most extensive ICT products in the industry, Huawei has launched a variety of electric power solutions that cover all segments of the electric power industry, including power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, dispatching, and consumption.

Power Transmission Solution

This solution mainly addresses issues related to how to route power lines and carry basic grid operation services. Basic grid operation services refer to real – time operation control services, dispatching calls, and some non – real-time management information services such as SCADA, energy management system (EMS), and teleprotection. These services are usually TDM-based because of their importance and real – time attributes. The dispatching center generally collects data such as voltage and current from various substations to balance the power supply and demand and analyze the power flow. Substations also collect data from each other to achieve teleprotection. This solution uses Huawei MSTP devices to carry basic grid operation services and adopts the optical fiber composite overhead ground wire (OPGW) or all dielectric self -supporting optic fiber cable (ADSS) unique to the power system to route communication lines.


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Hybrid MSTP+IP

In this solution, a single – ring, multi – ring or mesh network is built using Hybrid MSTP. This solution, while maintaining the availability of TDM – based services, integrates multiple IP – based services. The ASON can be introduced in mesh networks for higher reliability.

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This solution constructs a network using OTN+IP, with IP or MSTP used at the access layer and OTN at the backbone layer. The ASON is introduced to mesh network for

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higher reliability.



Cloud Data Center Solution

Conventional data centers have many issues, such as high energy consumption, low resource utilization, and weak security and management capabilities. To address these issues, Huawei has unveiled a cloud data center solution for electric power companies.

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Campus Network Solution

A campus network is an intranet for an enterprise, which is managed wholly by the enterprise. The campus network interacts with the WAN and data centers. Partners, employees on the move, and visitors can access the campus network through WAN or the Internet. The main purpose of building a campus network is to ensure that the enterprise’s main businesses operate more efficiently.


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2-2  Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution

Video surveillance is growing popular in the electric power industry and has become an important technical means to fuel the growth of and improve the management of this industry. To respond to electric power customers’ demands, Huawei has launched a video surveillance solution. This solution helps electric power companies monitor their substations, key power generation sites, and customer service centers.

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