Fancomkish as an Iranian technology based company is active in field of providing ICT solutions and products for enterprise customers such as Oil & Gas, Bank, etc. Fancomkish is dealing with several most leading ICT global suppliers.

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Network Communications Solution for Oil and Gas Pipelines

In recent years, oil and gas companies have accelerated the development of oil and gas pipelines. The previous chain pipeline communications network has evolved into a ring network, but advantages of the network have not been fully leveraged. Many problems remain unsolved: service scheduling is not flexible enough; the utilization rate of resources is low and network management is difficult and costly.

In addition, the current pipeline communications network is ineffectively protected, and the transmission of important services is interrupted from time to time. These drawbacks have become a bottleneck in the IT-enabled development.

Furthermore, the current communications network can only be used for pipeline basic communications and automation due to its low bandwidth. Such a network can hardly carry large-granule services for oil and gas companies that require IT-enabled development.

Fancom Solution

To address the problems above, Huawei has launched the Network Communications Solution for Oil and Gas Pipelines based on its extensive analysis on the communications requirements of oil and gas companies for their long-distance pipelines and years of experience in constructing communications networks. This solution incorporates a transmission network, a production network, and an office automation network. The transmission network is a basic network carrying types of services regarding pipeline transportation and production. The production network consists of routers and switches. It controls and transmits SCADA data about production sites in real time. It also carries services like video surveillance and scheduling phone services. The office automation network is a comprehensive campus network. It supports administrative office services in attended stations. It also serves as an output interface to transmit data to the WAN.

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