Fancomkish as an Iranian technology based company is active in field of providing ICT solutions and products for enterprise customers such as Oil & Gas, Bank, etc. Fancomkish is dealing with several most leading ICT global suppliers.

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  • Two-Way Radio

    Two-way voice was one of the first commercial applications of radio technology. In 1933, the first two- way mobile radio system was installed in patrol cars of the Bayonne, New Jersey police department. Since then, two-way radio has moved beyond the realm of public safety to become an invaluable tool for mobile professionals in a wide range of enterprises.

License-Free PMR446 Radios

Kenwood ProTalk and UBZ Series Hand Portable Two Way Radios

Named after its operating frequency band of 446.0 – 446.1 MHz, analogue PMR446 is a short PMR Digital Walkie Talkies range voice only communication system which provides a simple, effective and economical radio service for business and non-business users. The system is license-free and unlike mobile phones, there are no contract or call charges to pay.

PMR446 was initially conceived as a European system and was first introduced in Eire in 1998. In the UK, PMR446 was operational from 1999 where it successively replaced the former licensed Short-Range Business Radio (SRBR) service.

Widely recognised as the best in its class, Kenwood’s analogue ProTalk® PMR446 was first launched in 1999 and is now in its fourth product generation. #ProTalk delivers professional users with instant, reliable radio communications in a rugged, durable proven handset while the lightweight UBZ radio range is ideally suited for use in outdoor pursuits or around the home.

For specifications on the ProTalk range of advanced Digital license-free PMR 446 radios, click here.


Benefits include:
– License-free operation

– No call charges

– Reliable, instant voice communications

– ProTalk Professional Radios

– UBZ Leisure Radios

– Kenwood quality and durability