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Connect up to LoRaWAN networks with AMIHO’s AM094-LW production

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Connect up to LoRaWAN networks with AMIHO’s AM094-LW production-ready compact radio modules, including LoRaWAN 1.0 compliant protocol stack.

AMIHO Technology, wireless communications experts, announce the launch of their first LoRaWANradio module, the AM094-LW. The AM094-LW is compatible with LoRaWAN gateways and networks operating at 868 MHz to create long range radio for easy connection of sensing and monitoring devices to LoRaWAN networks enabling the Internet of Things.

The AM094-LW is a production-ready module designed for IoT, Smart Cities and Smart Metering with the benefit of LoRa® radio and firmware to extend the range to up to 15km, minimising the infrastructure required for connecting across ‘campus-style’ situations such as cities, buildings and farms. LoRaWAN is designed for low power applications and as such prolongs the life of remote and battery operated devices.

Presenting high performance in a compact common footprint (17.8 x 20.3 mm) the AM094-LW comes pre-loaded with AMIHO’s LoRaWAN 1.0 compliant software stack and includes AES128 encryption (used by governments and the banking industry). The NXP Kinetis ARM cortex MCU is available for customers to add their own application code. An evaluation kit will also be available with modules pre-mounted on evaluation boards for fast and easy testing.

“AMIHO has developed a stand-alone LoRaWAN module, compatible with LoRaWAN gateways. As ever we look to assist our customers by keeping the size small, battery lifetime long and allowing access to the microprocessor so they can run their own application code,” said David Blumstein, Managing Director. “We will also be providing an evaluation kit to allow easy testing of our product and help customers get to market rapidly.”

The AM094-LW module will be demonstrated at European Utility Week, Barcelona, on 15-17 November on the NXP ‘Smarter World’ Truck.

Key features

  • Long range radio module up to15 km including LoRaWAN 1.0 compliant protocol stack

  • Full access to on-board MCU

  • Large link budget up to 151 dB

  • High performance, receive sensitivity to –137dBm

  • Low current standby for battery powered applications (2.2µA)

  • AES 128 encryption / decryption

  • Compact, common footprint 20.3 x 17.8 mm

  • Firmware updates by bootloader

  • NXP Kinetis ARM cortex MCU

Download the Product Brief for the AM094-LW here

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