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1 .Background and Challenges
As shown in the following figure, enterprise office mode has undergone three phases:
fixed office, earlier mobile office, and intelligent terminal application that implements
flexible access of anything anywhere, anytime. Use of intelligent terminals breaks the
limitations of time and space, implementing flexible information exchange and
improving communication and management efficiency.

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Bring your own device (BYOD) is an emerging mobile office mode, in which
employees can bring their own intelligent terminals such as tablet PCs to work in
offices. According to an evaluation report by Information Week 2011, 65%
enterprises have already adopted the BYOD mobile office mode. Employees can
access any enterprise network through any terminal anywhere, anytime. Obviously,
all-wireless network is the trend of the future.
As a result, many enterprises want to build high-speed, flexible wireless campus
networks. Wireless networks are often reconstructed and added from wired networks.
Additionally, most of the enterprises require seamless integration of wired and
wireless campus networks. In particular, they require a consistent experience of wired
and wireless network integration.

2 .Introduction to Huawei Wireless Campus Network Solution

Thanks to its rich experience in the fields of data communication and wireless networks, Huawei provides a variety of feature-rich WLAN wireless campus network solutions to enterprises of different scales. Huawei help these enterprises in building a flexible, secure, and high-speed wireless office environment.
2.2.Medium- and Large-Sized Wireless Campus Network Solution

As shown in the following figure, medium- and large-sized wireless campus networks are applicable to various scenarios such as medium- and large-sized enterprise headquarters, colleges and universities, airports, and medium- and large-sized public areas.

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This solution offers the following advantages:

2.2 Small-Sized Wireless Campus Network Solution
As shown in the following figure, small-sized wireless campus networks are
applicable to scenarios including small- medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and
medium- and large-sized branches.


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Wired areas of the small-sized wireless campus network deployment solution use
two-layer architecture that is capable to meet customer requirements, because its
campus size is small. The ACs are deployed at the core layer. Additionally, it is
recommended that these ACs be connected in bypass mode.
2.4 SOHO Wireless Campus Network Solution
As shown in the following figure, SOHO wireless campus networks are applicable to
scenarios including mini enterprises and small- and medium-sized branches.


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The size of mini enterprises is small. These enterprises do not need to use
high-performance AC devices, but multiple APs must be deployed due to limitations
caused by access terminals quantity and physical environments. It is not convenient
for network management and control if Fat APs are used. Instead, low- and
medium-performance AC devices are used to help these enterprises build a highly
flexible, cost-effective, and easy-to-manage wireless network.


This solution uses AR routers that integrate ACs. In other words, the AR routers are
used as egress routers of the network and ACs of WLANs at the same time. Therefore,
there is no need to purchase cards separately.
2.5 Wireless Bridging Solution
Sometimes, enterprises cannot implement medium- and long-distance data
transmission using wired network devices outdoors due to limitations of geographical
conditions and costs. WLAN wireless bridging offers a highly cost-effective,
medium- and long-distance data transmission solution. For example, the wireless
bridging solution can be used in outdoor video surveillance


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As shown in Figure 5, the wireless bridge involving two leaps implements
long-distance (10 km) data transmission, with each leap of 5 km. The entire network
consists of Root AP, Repeater AP, and Leaf APs.

switches. The Root AP interconnects with the Repeater AP through the 5
GHz frequency band.

are connected to video surveillance cameras) through the 5 GHz frequency
Single-leap bridging mode can be used when the coverage distance is less than 5 km

In this solution, APs must have high capabilities to adapt to harsh outdoor
environments. Huawei outdoor APs have the following advantages: