Fancomkish as an Iranian technology based company is active in field of providing ICT solutions and products for enterprise customers such as Oil & Gas, Bank, etc. Fancomkish is dealing with several most leading ICT global suppliers.

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Network Communications Solution for Bank & Insurance

Today’s financial services are changing in many aspects: Stay to touch, Connections, Superior experience, Total security.

[accordion_set] [accordion title=”1. Stay in touch” active=”no”] a.That means “easy to touch”, the financial services can easily get by more channels than before: Internet, mobile, pad, telephone, ATM, …

b.At the same time, the outlets become everywhere. [/accordion] [accordion title=”2. Connections” active=”no”] a.The customer can get more care from financial institutions : more Charge services and Special offers. [/accordion] [accordion title=”3. Superior experience” active=”no”] a.People can get better experience than before when come into financial service outlets. [/accordion] [accordion title=”4. Total security” active=”no”] a.More high-tech security measures adopted: video monitor, electronic certificate, … [/accordion] [/accordion_set]

Fancom Solution

Well, respecting the ICT challenge of financial service today, we can sum up 3 key words: Convenient, Efficient, Secure. Which are also Fancom ICT solution in financial industry focused.

[accordion_set] [accordion title=”Convenient” active=”no”] Provide “Unified information release and management”, “Convenient communication platform”, “Rapid deployment of IT infrastructure” [/accordion] [accordion title=”Efficient” active=”no”] Provide “Telepressence and remote video technology”, “Video, text, voice, and multimedia communication”, “Interconnection and interworking balance network load” [/accordion] [accordion title=”Secure” active=”no”] Provide “Active/intelligent protection”, “Reliable disaster center”, “Precise safety control”, “Secure network channel” [/accordion] [/accordion_set]

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Financial industry solutions

Include four categories: New service models, Branch transformation and innovation, Highly collaborative platform, Hig[accordion_set] [accordion title=”1. New service models” active=”no”] a.Mobile Marketing Solution, Financial Telesales Center Solution [/accordion] [accordion title=”2. Branch transformation and innovation” active=”no”] a.Virtual Mini Branch Solution, Innovative Financial Branch Solution [/accordion] [accordion title=”3. Highly collaborative platform” active=”no”] a.Financial Collaboration Solution, Remote internal training Solution, Financial Desktop Security Solution, Financial Campus Network Solution [/accordion] [accordion title=”4. High-performance infrastructure” active=”no”] a.Network Convergence and Security Solution, Data Center Disaster Transmission Recovery Solution, Data Center Solution. [/accordion] [/accordion_set]

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Financial Branch Solution

In a full function financial branch, there are several different areas inside, such as : self-service area, common customer service area, Important customer service area, Instant financial message area.

Fancom provide a total solutions for financial branch, which include “virtual desktop infrastructure”, “digital multimedia publishing system”, ”Remote Consultant Solution for Retail Banking”, “Virtual Mini Branch”.

“One Box” is also included, which integrate the management of network, voice, Wifi, server, storage, video monitoring, and UPS.

The solutions can help financial institution

Saving room, lower power consumption, improve the deployment efficiency by 50%

Improve customer experience by the world’s first 1080p@60fps full-view telepresence.

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Financial Collaboration Solution

Collaborative solutions, support wisdom true, multimedia, VOIP, instant messaging, and at the same time, a variety of coordination of mobile terminal also provides the very good support.

[accordion_set] [accordion title=”Key point” active=”no”] i. Support “total – points – a” vertical business decision synergy

ii. The support network of different attribute between lateral service synergy

iii. In accordance with the service levels to provide suitable collaborative experience, such as single investment expert, screen investment team service synergy [/accordion] [/accordion_set]

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a virtualization technique enabling access to a virtualized desktop, which is hosted on a remote service over the Internet. It refers to the software, hardware and other resources required for the virtualization of a standard desktop system.

VDI is also known as a virtual desktop interface.

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